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Membership details

To sustain and grow Indian American Business Impact Group organization, we offer two forms of membership-


  1.  Regular Member Annual $2500

  •  Minimum 12 Monthly gathering dinner included

  • Ability to Network with Industry leaders, partners

  • Seek Advisors for your business

  • Learn to generate wealth, preserve wealth

  • Hear from Tax Experts and Investment Bankers

  • Investment Opportunities


  2.  Founders Circle $7500 Annually or $25,000 for 5 years (Discount of $12,500). The $25,000 from founders circle will allow the organization to create Corpus funds that will Generate interest income for self-sustaining the organization. In addition, following benefits will be offered -


  •  Monthly Gatherings dinner included plus special exclusive meetings with other founding circle members

  • Networking and Collaboration opportunity with high net worth individuals

  • Ability to present your company in one of the sessions every 12 months. If you don’t join, you can only present in the sessions by paying $6000 as one of the sponsors

  • Set agenda’s for upcoming meetings, bring guest of your choice who can add value to the organizatio

  • Lead Sectors for Due Diligence, Investments, Equity Ownerships

  1. Gov Con Sector

  2. Fund Sector

  3. Health Sector

  4. Education Sector

  5. Hospitality Sector

  6. Real Estate Sector

  7. Software & SAAS Sector and many more

  • Joint Business and Personal Travel Trips with subset of like minded enterpreuners/individuals

  •   First right to invest in specific opportunities

  •   Attend Seminars or Events on behalf of Indian American Business Impact Group


Why is Indian American Business Impact Group Different from other Organizations –

  1. Our organization is a Non Profit Organization and any membership or dues collected will be utilized for events, bringing guest speakers and hosting in Class A facility

  2. Our Organization has engaged CPA Firm and will make all financial data available as per Non Profit rules and regulations

  3. Our Organizations will not have any voting rights to any members

  4. Our Organizations does not subscribe to any grouping for any specific agendas

  5. Our Organization wants to build young Indian American Leaders and start up companies that promotes future generation

Let's Make A Change

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6764 Old McLean Village Drive
McLean, VA 22101


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